Friday, February 4, 2011

Pairs with Gutter-margin : INDIA - 89 series

INDIPEX-2011 is round the corner. One will recall the series of 8 stamps (and 2 MSs) issued during 4 months of 1988 -1989 in commemoration of INDIA-89 World Philatelic Exhibition; depicting philatelic themes on all stamps and beautiful layout of stamp sheetlets with Panes and wide Gutter-margin between each Pane. This set of 8 pairs is highly collectible item, though, missing in most collections!! No mention of these pairs is made in philatelic magazines, articles, catalogues, websites or auction-catalogues. This reflects the genuine unavailability of these classic "modern antiques".

Banglore G.P.O. - 09.10.1988

Bombay G.P.O. - 20.12.1988

D.L.O. Cancellation - 20.12.1988

R.M.S.Cancellation - 20.12.1988

Stamp Collecting - 20.01.1989

Traveller's Coach - 20.01.1989

Travancore Anchal Stamp -20.01.1989

Philatelic Magazine - 20.01.1989


  1. sir,
    really great to see and read the posting on india 1989 stamp exhibition. nice to recollect the memories thrugh the stamps. yet many of the stamps will not be available in albums of collectors, if it is yes, it would be a rare one.

  2. Thank you very much Mr.Veeraraghavan for your appreciation and regular comments on my different Posts.