Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Se-tenants of Year 2014

Indian Museum, Kolkata - 02.02.2014
Se-tenant strip of 3 from M/S

Jagjit Singh - 08.02.2014
Se-tenant pairs from Sheet

2014 FIFA World Cup - 12.06.2014
Se-tenant block of 4 from M/S

Indian Musicians - 03.09.2014
Se-tenant strips and pairs from M/S

India-Slovenia Joint Issue - 28.11.2014
Se-tenant pair from M/S

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Meghdoot Postcards of 25 paise

India-Post issued 2 more Meghdoot Postcards in denomination of 25 paise in August and September 2014. It is an interesting fact that the Reserve Bank of India has phased out 25 paise coins from circulation since June 2011.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MY STAMP - III Series 2014 - 10 Sheetlets

10 new My-Stamp sheetlets with 11 stamps are displayed here for ready reference. The rate of each sheetlet is ₹ 300.00, as per last issue, which may be noted.

2 different designs of stamps

Courtesy : Mr. Dilip Nayak, Ahmedabad

Monday, November 10, 2014

FDCs - INDIAN MUSICIANS - Set of 8 stamps

There are 3 distinct printings of the stamps of Indian Musicians. In form of Sheetlets of 9 stamps, Sheets of 45 stamps and Miniature Sheet of 8 stamps. For the collectors of First Day Covers, here is an opportunity to make FDCs of 3 sets of 8 stamps and enrich the collection. It is interesting to find color and printing variations from each format.

Stamps from Sheetlets

Stamps from Sheets

Stamps from Miniature Sheet

8 FDCs with stamps from Sheet and Sheetlet

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Do you have these stamps in your collection ?

11 new beautiful stamps are issued in month of July 2014 by India-Post which are depicted here for ready reference. Under MY-Stamp series III, 10 sheetlets are issued with total 11 stamps. From personal survey, it has been surprisingly found that 95% of Indian postage stamp collectors have not included  the 44 stamps issued under 3 different My-Stamp series since 2011; in their collection. Without prejudice to the price of individual stamp and the availability of the same, the fact remains that without these postage stamps, the collection of Indian commemorative stamps remains incomplete.

1) Red Fort
2) Taj Mahal
3) Hawa Mahal
4) Ajanta Caves
5) St.Francis Church
6) Port Blair Island
7) Mysore Palace
8) Mysore Palace
9) Greetings
10) Qutub Minar
11) Fairy Queen

These 4 stamps are issued in 2012 under My-stamp series II, depicting vibrant flowers :
1) Dahlia
2) Lily
3) Cineraria
4) Pansy

29 stamps were issued in 2011 with 12 stamps on Zodiac signs, 4 stamps on Aviation, 4 stamps on Panctantra tales, 4 stamps on Locomotives, 4 stamps on Wild Life and 1 stamp of Taj Mahal.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Three new designs of 3rd series of MY STAMP  are available at Ahmedabad G.P.O. Needless to say that India-post is issuing much attractive stamps in MY STAMP series. In second half of 2014, 11 new stamps are already issued in this 3rd series of MY STAMP, however, the detail of other designs and availability thereof is not available from Ahmedabad Philatelic Bureau.




Monday, September 8, 2014

Indian Musicians - Se-tenant Formats

The Miniature Sheet of this series is similar to a Mixed Se-tenant Sheetlet and very interesting formats of Se-tenant can be arranged from the same.

Horizontal Se-tenant Pairs

Vertical Se-tenant Pairs

Horizontal Se-tenant Strips of 4 

 Se-tenant Blocks of 4

 Se-tenant Blocks of 6

 Se-tenant Block of 8

Friday, September 5, 2014

Indian Musicians - 03.09.2014

India post issued 8 stamps Sheetlets and 1 Miniature Sheet honoring great legendary Musicians of India on 3rd September, 2014.