Monday, February 21, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi - Presentation Pack - Khadi Stamp on MS

A special commemorative stamp of highest denomination of 100 (Rupees) printed on 'Khadi' cloth,was issued thru a Miniature sheet on 12.02.2011 during INDIPEX-2011. Only thru this presentation pack, this MS or the stamp is available @ printed price of Rs.250/- . This beautiful product by India-Post is the first of its kind in the history of Indian postage stamps.

Stamp of 100 ( Rupees )
Khadi cloth in white with portrait of Mahatma
Gandhi and Charakha pasted on paper

Miniature Sheet


  1. I beg to differ with you here. This is one of the biggest disappontment for me. This is no way near to what I have imagined. Just a peice of cloth with Gandhi's picture is affixed on the stamp and India post is selling it for 250 Rs. May be senior philatelist can afford this, but not the young collectors like me.

    I ordered it by sending DD, and they sent me just a mini sheet. It does not have the individual stamp. When the cost of khadi stamp is 100 Rs, India post is simply looting people by putting it in as a presentation pack (which would have costed them less than 5 Rs) and selling it for 250 Rs.
    Really awesome...

    I remember people complained about India post taking 5 Rs more for a miniature sheet, couple of year back. And now , no one is complaining for this.

    Please dont mind,.. I am just venting my frustration on India post. Because such things, I am loosing interest in Indian stamps.

    Good luck.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. India post is destroying philately instead of promoting it in the country.People handling the philately do not know what is philately. There are too few Philatelic Bureaus and or the philatelic counters in the country and most of these do not get the supplies, not to say regular supplies of philatelic items. Even the countries equivalent to a town in India, provide far far better philatelic information, philatelic materials, world class service and all these online where as we cannot think of it in our country at least in the coming fifty years.There is no planning, no system,nothing of the sort of customer care, even the handling of philatelic materials by the persons concerned is worst.
      1. Indiapost charged Rs. 20.00 for m/sheet of Delhi 2010 19th Commonwealth Games issued on 18th Oct.2008 where as t bears a price tag of Rs.15.00 (it contains a stamp of Rs.5.00)
      2. Indiapost charged Rs. 20.00 for m/sheet of Saint Alphonsa issued on 16th Nov.2008 where as it bears a price tag of Rs.15.00 (it contains a stamp of Rs.5.00)
      And now Rs 250.00 for a stamp of Rs.100.00 but this time they printed the price tag correctly.
      There are so many problems ordinary philatelists are facing. So just keep in your mind that you are dealing with Indiapost and you will definitely feel eased out.There is much more to write but time being this much only.

  2. I ordered mine and haven't received it yet (more than 3 weeks since I ordered). would also like to mention that I like Mr. Parikh's post here and I do agree with Ahmed too.

    The product is priced higher than the overall product itself. Think IndiaPost could have done better in doing an odd shaped miniature sheet or something and keeping it at a more reasonable price


  3. Sir, I still could not understand what is included in this Gandhi pack for Rs. 250.00. The contents of the pack is just a printed cover and a souvenir sheet of this issue what i got from Indiapost. Is it true, a souvenir sheet of Rs.100.00 packed in a folder for Rs. 250.00.
    Images shown above create confusion, it looks from the above as if the folder contains both the followngs:
    1. a souvenir sheet
    2. a single stamp
    Please let the readers know what s the truth.