Wednesday, October 30, 2013


India-Post has utilized the most popular philatelic theme "Mahatma Gandhi" on the stamp, first day cover, brochure and cancellation of Philately Day souvenir sheet issued on 12.10.2013. The loose stamp is available from this s/s only, as stamp-sheets are not printed.

Set of 3 FDCs showing
1. Position of stamp in S/S
2. Souvenir Sheet
3. Loose stamp from S/S

Saturday, October 5, 2013

100 Rupees Coins from two different Mints

Coin-sets of C.Subramanyam

Collectors of coin-sets have some interesting items to include in their collection i.e. same coins issued by two different mints with distinctly different packing design and depicting their specific mint marks.

In 2012, Mumbai mint issued these coins and in 2013, Hyderabad mint issued the same coin-sets. For the first time a 100 Rupee coin of same theme has 2 different mint marks. Here, Diamond mint mark of Mumbai mint and Star mint mark of Hyderabad mint are seen to the delight of collectors.

On the front cover, Mumbai mint has mentioned Commemorative Coins-2010, while Hyderabad mint has mentioned Commemorative Coin-2011.

Three other coin-sets are issued by Hyderabad mint :-
1) 75 Years of RBI - Rs.10 + 75
2) Indian Council of Medical Research - Rs. 5 +100
3) Civil Aviation - Rs. 5 + 100