Wednesday, April 16, 2014


In year 2011, thru MY STAMP series, India-Post has officially issued 29 stamps inclusive of 8 Se-tenant pairs therein. Many collectors have not included these MY STAMP series stamps in their collection as they are not listed in any reputed stamp catalogue in India. Many collectors have doubt whether these stamps can be used as postage !? Here are some examples of commercially used covers with the stamps issued in se-tenant format from MY STAMP series, used locally, nationally and internationally.These stamps are used as correct postage prevailing at the time.

8 Se-tenant pairs, used on 4 speed-post
covers sent to Mumbai
(postage Rs.25/-)

8 reverse Se-tenant pairs,
 used locally on 8 speed-post covers
(postage Rs.12/-)

8 Se-tenant pairs, used on 2 speed-post
covers sent to New Delhi.
(postage Rs.40/-)

2 Se-tenant pairs + 1 Taj Mahal stamp
  used as correct airmail postage of Rs.25/- to Germany.
 Red BAR cancellation made by German postal system.

Strip from sheet and 1 loose stamp, used as
  correct airmail postage of Rs.25/- to U.S.A.
 Black BAR cancellation made by US postal system.

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