Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Mint-mark of Kolkata Mint ?

Kolkata Mint issued coins with Noida Mint-mark ?

Recently issued UNC & PROOF sets of Comptroller & Auditor General of India, by Kolkata Mint distinctly show Large dot mint-mark of Noida Mint on both coins of Rs. 5 and Rs.150. The circulated coin of Rs. 5 has NO mint-mark : which is the identification of Kolkata Mint !

Collectors must find out about this obvious change of Mint-mark of Kolkata Mint ?!?!?

UNC coin with
Large dot Mint-mark 
of Noida Mint
( Kolkata Mint )

Circulated coin : without Mint-mark
(Kolkata Mint)

Circulated coin : * STAR  Mint-mark
(Hyderabad Mint)


  1. Dear Sir
    This is not a mintmark. This is part of the design element of the CAG Coin set. As of today, Kolkata Mint does not use the mintmark.
    Sanjay Kansal

  2. Sir,

    Then why the design of circulated CAG Coins of Kolkata mint has blank space (no mint mark)'
    and circulated coin of Hyderabad mint has STAR mint mark at the same place ??

    Best wishes

    Shrikant Parikh