Sunday, February 12, 2012

Listing of MY STAMP (29 stamps) in MICHEL Catalog

For the first time since issue of MY STAMP series by India-Post on 12th February 2011, the listing of these 29 stamps is published. Collectors of Indian stamps will have a clear concept now to include these stamps in their collection; as MICHEL, the internationally reputed publishing house has listed these 29 stamps giving specific number to each stamp in their catalog. MICHEL catalogs are popularly used in European countries where German language is widely in circulation. This listing will appear in MICHEL-Rundschau (published every month) and in MICHEL South-Asia catalog.


  1. sir,
    as usual fantastic.
    do you have these stamps for
    your album

    where can i get one specimen for my album

    1. Many Thanx for your comments.Nice to see your Posts after a long time.
      Certainly, I do have these stamps in my collection in form of full sheets..

      I have come to know that some dealers sell these item during exhibitions in loose sets.

      Best wishes

      Shrikant Parikh