Friday, May 13, 2011

125 Years of Automobiles

To commemorate 125 years of Automobiles, German-Post issued a postage stamp, and a beautiful postal stationary with imprinted stamp of 55 cent depicting first 'Motorwagen' manufactured by Carl Friedrich Benz in 1886; alongwith old and new models of Motor-cars shown in First Day Cancellation dated 05.05.2011, brought out during 21st International Stamp Fair in Essen / Germany.

Imprinted stamp on cover with First day cancellation
showing old and new motor cars.

Entire special cover with picture of Mr.Carl Benz,
1st 'Motorwagon' and FDCancellation of 5.5.2011.

55 cent Postage stamp issued on 05.05.2011


  1. Very inspirational drawings are there for mechanical industry. Happy to see this very old automobile designs.


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