Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tete-beche Pairs from all 3 sides

Border Roads Organisation - 10.10.1985

Bombay Sappers - 21.02.1990


  1. sir,
    seen the posting just now. as usual it was great to see the setenants. it is special that this posting contains stamps of triangular stamps. fantastic.

    why there was a long gap in blogging.


  2. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad that you liked this Post of Tete-beche stamps. As I was on vacation in USA, there was a long gap in blogging.

    Best wishes

  3. Hi sir, I'm a stamps collector right from my childhood days. My primary theme is Mahatma Gandhi and collect all the stamps ( India & around the world ) of the great man.

    I also aspire to collect all the stamps of India released after 1947 till date. I'd like to buy a few ones which I need if you're interested. Please let me know at Thank You !