Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi - FDC Collection

FDC issued by Niger on 04.10.1968

FDC issued by Ireland on 02.10.1969

FDC issued by Malta on 24.03.1969

FDC issued in USA on 26.01.1961


  1. Hello,

    Nice blog posts of FDC of Gandhiji.

    I notice that you mentioned date of USA FDC incorrect. It should be 26 Jan 1961.

    Ketan Patel

  2. Hello Ketan,

    Thanx for drawing my attention. I have corrected.
    You have a nice Blog on MAHATMA GANDHI. I am sure you viewed my Post of 22.02.2010 on Pu.Kasturba Gandhi.

    Best wishes

    Shrikant Parikh